5Qs with Tony Mash

tony-mash-low rider arteWelcome to another exciting edition of 5Qs with…  Yesterday on T-shirt Thursday, we introduced you to the exciting products from The Civilian Press.  That is why we thought you may best enjoy this opportunity to learn more about the artist, Tony Mash, and his relation to the Day of the Dead.

Dead Deco:  How did you first learn about the Day of the Dead holiday?

Tony Mash:  Being 3rd Generation in the states and a product of 80’s/90’s HipHop and Skate culture I was fairly distant to traditional Mexican Culture. It wasn’t until about 2001 while I was developing artwork for clothing brands and involving myself with the “Counter Culture” that I came across the bold and dark style of Posada. It was still relatively underground then, but I was thoroughly inspired and felt connected to the traditional holiday.

DD:  What is your favorite Day of the Dead tradition?

TM:  It’s a bit hard to single out one tentacle because it’s the celebration as a whole that is so beautiful. The idea that families, friends and strangers all gather to celebrate our human mortality and the loved ones who have passed really highlights our desire to connect with our fellow humans with the very thing we ALL have in common, death. I think that leads me to say the alters may be my favorite tradition. They way families choose to remember and express the lives of their lost ones are very personal and vulnerable. I love the honesty in that.

DD:  How does your community respond to Day of the Dead?

TM:  Well with 40% of Southern California being Latino you know there’s no shortage of Cousins, Spicy food and Day of the Dead events! In Orange County my favorite is the “Noche De Altares” 10 years strong and growing. Free and open to the public it allows the community and ALL ethnicities to enjoy the festivities.

DD:  Do you have a particular Day of the Dead artist whose work you admire?

TM:  Ah man, I gotta choose one? Always sucked in by the creative force called Sylvia Ji, a huge high five to the talented Gustavo Rimada and the 3D metal work of Eric “Q” Quezada.

DD:  Is there anything else about Day of the Dead that you would like to share?

TM:  If you’re new to the celebration be sure and take it all in and understand what its all about. Go to an event and really feel it, breathe it in and taste the traditions, celebrate life and lives lived.  Thanks for this opportunity with Dead Deco.  I really appreciate! It was nice to read through the other artists [5Qs with…].  Sorry I couldn’t just give you one solid artist of admiration… so many good things going on out there!

Can learn more about Tony Mash  by clicking on the photo above to read another awesome interview done by Beto Mendoza from November 2011 for Lowrider Arte 

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