More than just a T-shirt Thursday

civilian pressThe Civilian Press has been built up around the artwork of Tony Mash and his incredibly original ideas.  Tony has taken the classic concept of the calavera catrina and infused it with elements from low-rider filigree and tattoo line-art to create something wholly familiar yet unarguably original.

How the Civilian Press deviates from other t-shirt proprietors is in the optional stylized cuttings.  Click the photo to the left to visit the Civilian Press so you can view the examples of this intriguing fashion-alteration for yourself.  The artwork of Tony Mash is available in both wearable and hang-able forms through The Civilian Press website.

This week’s T-shirt Thursday is an expansion beyond the promotion of an artist’s work printed on an article of clothing; this week Dead Deco is presenting you with an artist that is changing the whole t-shirt art game.  Tony Mash and The Civilian Press are elevating the entire t-shirt genre by fostering as much creativity in the design of the garment as is being put into the artwork printed on it.

Visit to view all of their gorgeous offerings.

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