Symbolic Tat Tues

image_1359340313197687Welcome to the weekly segment here on Dead Deco known as Tat Tues.  This is where we discuss, critique and share tattoos related to the Day of the Dead because this is the most expensive artwork being purchased today by average collectors.  Today’s sugar-skull tattoo appears on the hip of  Stacy Pohlman.

Johnny Depp once said, “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”  Many share his sentiment, which is why the first question that most people tend to ask when they view a tattoo is: What does it mean?  For that reason, we asked Stacy to share some insight into this deeply personal and privately-placed piece of body art.

“The tattoo I had decided to get about a year ago was this sugar skull designed by myself with each decoration having a symbolic reference to a point in my life.  The tattoo is for my son, whose father is from Mexico and whose favorite holiday is Day Of The Dead.

As well as getting this piece for my son and his heritage ([which] I really want him to be proud of) I wanted this piece for me.  I was born on November 2nd 1993, which I’m sure you know is the Second Half of Día de los Muertos or better known as All Soul’s Day.  Every year I share my birthday with the holiday which has always been fun and quite exciting.  Also, my name Stacy, is short for Anastasia and what most people don’t know is in many languages it’s symbolic for resurrection… My name itself is almost a celebration of death and life itself.

The 16th on his teeth stand for my sons birthday (January 16th 2012).  The spider web represents how much of my life I had spent trapped in one place or another, and the crosses represent the part of my life spent being raised in a strict religious setting

Day Of The Dead is an amazing cultural celebration that I am very happy to have so much connection with, and I’m very proud to represent it, on my skin, forever.”

Thank you Stacy for that personal insight into your sugar-skull tattoo.


  1. Thanks so much for the feature! I love the website and can’t wait to work with you guys again in the future, Keep up the good work!

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