Indians and Cowboys

spirit of a nation-d lozeaudraw-d lozeau

We began a discussion on the evolution of the Day of the Dead art genre in the article Evolution, which was posted yesterday.  To continue the line of thinking and questioning, we now turn our T-shirt Thursday attention to the artwork of David Lozeau.   If you are not familiar with David’s work and his cornerstone contributions to the Day of the Dead art world, then you should visit these two links:  5Qs with David Lozeau and Amigos de los Muertos

David’s work is highly regarded and well established in this genre.  However, it is obvious that his themes and depictions deviate slightly from the expected and the traditional.  Some may question whether this is Day of the Dead art at all beyond its incorporation of the skull theme.  Dead Deco’s experts feel David’s work is indicative of the same tradition that was begun and fostered by Jose Guadalupe Posada.  Day of the Dead artwork was transformed from the static imagery of mourning to the satirical and symbolic by Posada initiation of that shift.  The future of this genre is being influenced by the artists of today like David Lozeau and Sylvia Ji.  Where is it going? 

Agree with the messages, disagree with the messages, or remain indifferent to them; the end result is the same:David Lozeau’s work is as fascinating as it is aesthetically pleasing.

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