What’s up with T-shirt Thursday?

womens crucible - josh stebbins_In 2012, Dead Deco brought you many exclusive Day of the Dead t-shirt designs; yet, we only managed to actually sell three shirts all year.  What are we doing wrong?

The t-shirt business is a fickle market, and our resident business manager says it takes three things to be successful: Product placement, Desirable quality, and Attractive pricing.  There are more involved economic terms and models that can be applied here, but they all point to the fact that our current method is not working.

We have decided to meet failure with innovation by expanding our T-shirt Thursday offerings to include products and artwork by other artists in an effort to provide our readers with more of what they want.

And as a reminder, click on the image of the t-shirt of any T-shirt Thursday product to be redirected to the store where that shirt is available.  Enjoy.

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