New Year, New Interpretations

spirit_of_dreams_by_linn_skyThe evolution of the sugar skull as it permeates modern society and global culture are some of our primary fascinations here at Dead Deco.  This week, we wanted to kick off our brand new year of content with an unusual and intriguing mutation of Day of the Dead iconography.  This unusual piece is from an artist in Sweden known as Linn Sky.  We asked her to give us some further insight into this image.

Here is what she said:

“I was looking for the meaning of owls in tattoo art, and it came as “the spirit of dreams”. So I liked it, drawed it and I love sugar skulls  I already have one on my arm as a gypsy, “normal” skulls and guns to make it more tough. Rose and crown to make it more sweet. There was not so much more inspiration than this, I just mix what I like, some because of their meanings some because I just like the picture. And try to balance it all or focus on one feeling :) …”

The sugar skull possesses universal appeal and is developing new meanings throughout the world, but is this simply the latest chapter in the depiction of the human skull or is it something new and different?  Has modern culture successfully co-opted the skull fully away from its association with danger and repulsion in exchange for it’s new position as the multicultural symbol for the celebration of life?

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