When Was the Last Time…Well, that’s too long

dec21.2012Welcome to the last Friday on the Mayan Calendar.  You know the rest of the blog-o-sphere is alive with chatter and spoofs relating to this predicted end of the world, so we feel today might be a good time to take a last look around at all of our subsidiary projects; just in case this does turn out to be your last chance.

Dead Deco not only offers you weekly segments, interesting daily content and artist interviews here at our primary address, but you will notice links to our other projects above the beautiful header image (i.e. the calavera painting with the blue background).  The first is our Day of the Dead store were you can find everything from coffee mugs to educational videos on Day of the Dead.  New items are added weekly, so if you haven’t been there in awhile, then you haven’t seen the new stuff.

Next on that list is a link to Our Sugar Skull Collection on Deviant Art.  This is a great place to see daily updates of new artwork.  The favorites section at the bottom offers a wide selection of other Day of the Dead related art on random display.

The Calacas Scrapbook is your link to the Dead Deco Pinterest boards where you can find full resolution versions of all the images we feature here.  The DotD Art link connects you instantly to one of the largest online Day of the Dead artist resources and communities on the web.  There you will find blogs, contests and fellow Day of the Dead art lovers.

Go take a quick look around, and meet us back here on Monday.  If the world does end, Dead Deco will no longer be able to provide you with comprehensive coverage of the Day of the Dead art world because we will be busy with other more pressing matters.

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