Not Quite 5Qs with Cheescake Lovers

pretty_inside_by_cheescakeloversWeeks ago we featured a sugar-skull tattoo on a Suicide Girls‘ model that was originally designed by an artist, pseudo-named,  Cheescake Lovers.  We were curious to know more about this artist because their work appears regularly in many Day of the Dead art galleries.  Below is a reprinting of the original responses we received with an excerpt from an earlier correspondence included:

Cheescake Lovers wrote:

“…I am a big fan of sugar skulls and Mexican folklore, this is one of my biggest inspiration. I love the way to combine skulls with cute and innocents girls, and trying to make a sensation of cute-creppy-style, I really don’t know how to describe my style, is a mixed of traditional tattoo style, old school, retro inspiration( 50’s), Mexican art and maybe inspired by lowbrow art.

I started with traditional techniques, pencils, pens and finally watercolours, but sometimes, and most nowadays, I use digital techniques, with Photoshop program.

I only want to show the cuteness with a different point of view, and I’m so happy when I see people who wears one of my designs on their skin, as a tattoo, forever, is really amazing, I can’t thank them enough for it…”

I’m going to the questions that I think that are the most important,because the other ones are specific for people who celebrate this holiday, and is not my case! I’m only inspired by the art, and the way that people celebrate this day, that usually is a sad day for the rest of the people around the world.

Dead Deco:  How did you first learn about the Day of the Dead holiday?

Cheescake Lovers:  A few years ago when I saw my first sugar skull tattoo. It shocked me the colours, because is not usual to see skulls and craniums with happy faces, and full of sparkling colours. Since then, the became on and on famous, specially with tattoos. But it is not also because of the art, the glitter and the cute adornments, is because the way that they celebrate this holiday, very different that in the other parts of the world.

DD:  Do you have a particular Day of the Dead artist whose work you admire?

CL:  Of course, Angelique Houtkamp, with her pretty ladies and a collection of skull art, and Sylvia Ji, with her unique and incredible style.

***The editors of Dead Deco have chosen to publish this correspondence in its original form so as not to alter the artist’s representation and sentiments in this interview.  We have abstained from the use of the annotation “[sic]” because its repeated use would disrupt the visual continuity of the text though it is applicable.***

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