Big Tat Tues in a Small World

day_of_the_dead_sugar_skull_girl_rib_tattoo_by_calico1225While hunting around for a tattoo to talk about this week, we came across this beauty at one of our regular online haunts.  What makes this particular tattoo interesting is that our very own mr.Lou actually has met this tattoo artist and has had work done at this tattoo shop before.  This week, we can give a bit more insight into the artist and shop as we delve into our weekly Tat Tues.

This piece was created and executed by a tattooist named Nick ‘the Tailor’ from Beelistic Tattoo in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Nick specializes in traditional styles of tattoo design, such as those popularized by Norman ‘Sailor Jerry‘ Collins and Don ‘EdHardy.  We have seen much of Nick’s flash and were pleasantly surprised to learn that this piece had been done by him as it seems to depict stylistic progression in his work.  It is still traditionally influenced, but it incorporates less of the thick-black-outlines that tend to be the hallmark of that period’s artwork.

If you are in the Cincinnati Area, the original Beelistic Tattoo shop is in Clifton Heights across the street from the University of Cincinnati.  Based on personal experience, we can say this is an excellent place to have work done.

As for this week’s tattoo, it brings to mind the question of white ink.  Since so many Day of the Dead tattoos incorporate bone-themes, when should white ink be used and when should it not be used?

Please share your opinions and recommendations in the comments section.



  1. Very privileged to have my artwork on your site. So far as white is concerned – I did not use any in this particular tattoo, but there is a place for it. White works well in small areas, as large washes do not tend to heal up particularly uniformly. It is also great for mixing with colors for blends and highlights.

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