friend or faux

skeleton flamingosOn our usual frolic through the digital landscape this weekend, we came across these lovelies.  You may not find Skeleton Yard Flamingos in Oaxaca, Mexico, in early November but is that because they don’t belong there?

Are Halloween decorations and Day of the Dead decorations interchangeable?

Many agree that Day of the Dead decorations and artwork should be limited to calacas and skeletal themes.  In recent years, however, some have sought to incorporate a stronger influence of Santa Muerte to the traditional aesthetic.  Resistance to the inclusion of horror and demonic imagery has been universally upheld, which means the popularity of zombies is still separated from Day of the Dead in the collective consciousness.  So does that mean anything skeleton based can be called a Day of the Dead artwork?  Should these be labelled Day of the Dead Skeleton Yard Flamingos?

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