Sugar Skull Tat Tues in Belarus

Sugar Skull by XenijaHappy Tat Tues.  This is the weekly segment on Dead Deco where we turn our artistic attention to tattoo art because it seems to be the only artwork average people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for.  Today’s tattoo is simply titled “Sugar Skull.”  At first glance, you will notice that this does not appear to be a traditional interpretation of the sugar skull that we often associate with Day of the Dead artwork.  This kind of progression on the concept is refreshing in its originality because it visually develops the concept without defying the tradition behind it.

The tattoo artist is Xenija Woskresenskaja, 24, of Belarus.  We do not have a full interview with her because her English is limited; however, her work speaks for itself.  This is an original design of hers, which is intriguing to us for several reasons.  It is interesting to see this image appear in that part of the world because it reaffirms our belief that Day of the Dead is steadily progressing in popularity around the world.  The image itself is truly fascinating because of the combination of bold coloring (indicative of the Mexican tradition) coupled with a slight touch of both the horror and Japanese aesthetics.  It is simple, subtle and truly beautiful.  You can see the reinforcement of Xenija’s art-school training adding matured substance and execution to this piece.  Xenija describes herself as an apprentice on her Deviant Art portfolio, but her designs are truly masterful.  You can order a custom design from her by contact Xenija at

If you are looking for other sugar skull tattoo ideas, thumb through John Karp‘s book Skull Tattoos.  If Tat Tues may have inspired some of you to consider entering the tattoo profession, then you will want to start with C. R. Jordan‘s book Basic Fundamentals Of Modern Tattoo as an introduction to the craft.

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