To Confront or Not to Confront

Today on Dead Deco, we are going to address a common problem in the world of Day of the Dead fandom: The Uninformed Fan.  To stay abreast of ideas and artists moving around in this genre, our editors cruise the internet in constant search of Day of the Dead related articles.  Unfortunately, this time of the year brings out the most examples of misinformed bloggers recounting experiences they seem to be mistaking for Day of the Dead observance.


We frequently use the words “Celebration,” “Party” and “Event” when referencing Day of the Dead observation, but the connotation of those words has caused many to take this time intended for offering respect and commemoration to the dead as a tradition best observed in a bar wearing face paint.  This brings us to our question for today:  Should we confront or not?

Confronting people by telling them that they are wrong insinuates that we have some type of authority in this matter to tell people how they can and can’t celebrate this holiday.  On the other hand, not confronting is a condoning action of non-interference.  In this passive aggressive age of indirect confrontation, many people are advocating that there is space enough for everyone’s opinions to be correct.  But when did it become inherently wrong to disagree with people or to challenge ignorance?  Countless traditions and customs have atrophied into shallow meaningless representations of themselves simply because there were never enough people willing to risk being unpopular by standing up against dilution.  Of course, the other side of that coin is dogmatism and stoicism prevent growth and foster intolerance.  Is there a wise compromise?

Till a resolution in this matter is discovered, we will simply continue to question those we disagree with on their interpretation of Day of the Dead.  So to Sahra of, we have these two comments:

We think your blog  posting entitled “Viva La Santa Muerte” has nothing to do with Santa Muerte and little to do with the Day of the Dead.  How do you feel you have honored the dead by painting your face and standing in a bar drinking?   We welcome your response.


  1. Well thanks! I actually know a smidge about the history of the day, though as a 22 year old I enjoy the social perks of themed parties. I’m sorry my blog didn’t offer a history lesson. My blog is a style blog, and that post is paying homage to the stereotypical aesthetics of the Day of The Dead.
    I didn’t mean to come across as stoic or uneducated and I’m sorry you felt that way.

    1. We were not criticizing your lack of additional published information on the subject Day of the Dead, but rather your individual lack of understanding for that with which you have publicly affiliated yourself. Perhaps you should invest time in learning more than a “smidge” about the topics you choose to publish on your blog if you do not wish to receive criticism from those of us who are offended by your bastardization of a tradition we view as more than a party-theme.

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