mr.Lou’s reflections on DotD 2012

Dead Deco LuchadoreHappy New Year!  In the world of Day of the Dead artistry, November 2nd is the climax of a year’s work followed by a period of dead time (pun intended:).  Now it is time to clean up and regroup for the next 361 day push to the next Day of the Dead.

This year, we stepped up my expectations and my performance for the big day.  We took our blanket to the streets of the internet and found a comfortable place to vendor.  Dead Deco had some successes and some disappointments.  Not all of our plans came together as we intended (like the incomplete luchadore mask I was sewing for the occasion), but the slate is clean and the year is once again new for us.  Where to next?

There are going to be some changes over the next few weeks in the look of Dead Deco.  We plan to go to more of an online magazine format rather than the endless blog reel.  This year will also be a time of growth in Dead Deco original art products as we venture further into the worlds of visual art.  Perhaps we will open a store; a gallery; a can of worms.  Whatever we choose to do and wherever we choose to go, you can be certain that Dead Deco will not disappoint.




    1. I think if I start now, I may be able to finish sewing the full outfit by DotD 2013, and I am definitely going to call it Lou-cha Libre. Thanks for the awesome title!

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