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It’s always great to read blogs that champion against sanitizing and homogenizing culture. Thanks for fighting the fight!

My New Now

“The Day of the Dead is just as wicked as Halloween! As far as I understand it, It is ancestral worship and making sacrifices to evil spirits ! Get your child out of that class and teach them the Word of God!” – comment on a blog post from a Mom concerned about the lack of Christian principles in the school activities around this time of year.

I haven’t reread what I wrote here. Just wanted to spit it out.  Forgive me.

My kids’ school is turning any school-related Halloween party into a Harvest or Fall Party.  As if I’d just eaten too many Baby Ruths, this gives me a bellyache.  At these events, there is to be no candy.  Gluten-free snacks, preferably organic popcorn and yogurt, are to be the “Treat.” (Whee!) And there will be no crafts that might be suggestive of scary Halloween themes, such as skeletons…

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