Where’s Your Ofrenda?

Only Two Weeks Left!  The countdown is on, and only two exciting weeks are left.  For those living in the United States and Mexico, the Day of the Dead festivals and events will start happening next weekend.  Please photograph your favorite Dia de los Muertos moments, calaveras, or ofrendas and email them to Dead.Deco@gmail.com for our post-party recap this year.


In case you missed us this week, we featured artist Gris Grimly of Mad Creator Productions in our 5Qs with… segment.  As always, Tat Tues took a critical look at the popularity of permanently emblazoned Day of the Dead imagery.  This week’s tattoo in question was one worn by a model called Stigmata and designed by an artist called Cheesecake Lovers.  On Wednesday, we checked in with our kindred blogger Black Calavera of the Skull Project website and re-blogged an old posting about Catherine Martin and the interesting beaded skulls she sells on behalf of the hill tribes near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and how that is related to the rise in the popularity of the decorated skull.

This weekend, we will be banging away in our workshop to finish our hand-crafted pieces for the Dead Deco Ofrenda 2012 as well as working on an exclusive Day of the Dead 2012 commemorative T-shirt.  Those items, along with a very exciting interview and book release, will all be happening in two weeks.

Till Then, mr.Lou

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