Sugar Skull on Stigmata modelWelcome back to Tat Tues.  This is the weekly segment here on Dead Deco when we focus on a Day of the Dead related tattoo because this seems to be the most expensive art average people are buying these days.

Today’s tattoo brings to mind this question: What’s with the diamonds?  The sugar skull incorporated into this design is simple yet interestingly stylized, and was designed by an artist that calls herself Cheesecake Lovers.  However, the color choice seems odd here.  Orange and blue usually make each other pop, but perhaps the post-processing of this photograph has altered the colors with an overall desaturation that has caused this tattoo to look mottled.  This photo is obviously intent on showing off things other than the tattoo, which would explain why her hair is allowed to cover much of the detail.  We are typically accustomed to seeing tattoo pictures taken moments after completion with a shine of ointment and the vibrancy of new.  It is a little harder to catch that same vividness in a healed tattoo. So, maybe this looks more impressive in person.

The most peculiar thing about this tattoo is that it appears on the belly of a 19-year-old “Suicide Girls” model that goes by the name Stigmata.  In her bio, she vehemently states that  she defies all categories.  Ah, the fervence of youth.  Clearly Stigmata is original in her desire to be rebelliously different just like every other model in Suicide Girl’s stable.  Perhaps we are being too jaded here.  Perhaps she is a a huge fan of sugar skulls and the Day of the Dead.  Here’s your chance Stigmata; let us hear your story about this tattoo.

While we wait for her to respond, let us all ponder this:

Though sugar skulls were originally limited to being a part of the Day of the Dead tradition, it is obvious they have grown into something else.  What meaning do decorated skulls have now?  What does a sugar skull tattoo symbolize today?  Does it have to have a meaning to justify being permanently emblazoned on one’s skin, or is just thinking it looks cool enough of a reason?

We would love to see your thoughts in the comments section of this post.

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  1. Very interesting post! I really like the comment at the end aswell. For me personally, I do believe the skull has lost the connection to death, sometimes I see the skull as another image or representation. While the sugar skulls do play an important role within the Day of the Dead, it appears that they’re also being reproduced again and again. On the other hand, these commercial items makes it easier for me to find Day of the Dead skulls at an affordable price 🙂 it’s also nice to break away from skulls such as the jolly roger or the grim reaper and focus on something decorative and colourful.

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