Another work week down, and another week closer to the celebration.  This week, we had the opportunity to chat with Clay Lindo’s Tamra Kohl about her inspiration and work as a Day of the Dead sculptor.  We also looked at a Santa Muerte statuette by mr.Lou, and we are continuing our fundraising efforts for free art education in San Antonio by donating the profits from the sale of our Support the Arts shirt.

On Tat Tues, we singled out an artists work that has been appearing throughout the Day of the Dead Art gallery on Deviant Art because we do not agree that it should be there.  Why?  Dead Deco, along with many other websites and galleries, are working to define and clarify the Day of the Dead art genre.  You may ask why this is important or necessary.  To which our response is:

Dead Deco believes the Day of the Dead art genre is rich in history, tradition and opportunity; however, this genre is also steeped in trend-seekers looking to profit off of imitation and affiliation.  If we were to include all death related images in this genre, we would dilute the unity and aesthetic that forms Day of the Dead’s artistic lineage.

Day of the Dead Art uses imagery related to the holiday to celebrate the deceased or satirize the living.  Everything else is Muerte Art, and there are plenty of other galleries and websites dedicated to that.

Finally, the October 11th posting by Comrade’s Calacas offers some interesting insight into the creative process of a dedicated Day of the Dead artist.  We highly recommend you visit their blog as well.

Till Next Time

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