Keep Art Ed Free

Help Support SAY Sí  and the Arts of San AntonioHello, and welcome back to T-shirt Thursday.  This is where we unveil an original work of art from the staff at Dead Deco each week.  You can see all of our designs at the Dead Deco store, but this week we wanted to remind you of the t-shirt fundraiser we have going on through November 3rd.  All profits from the sale of our Help Calavera t-shirt will be donated to SAY .

This limited edition shirt featuring the original artwork of mr.Lou is being sold to raise funds for the SAY organization so they can continue to provide free art education and art mentoring to school-aged children in San Antonio, Texas.  Being a successful artist means having the skills and the business knowledge to create and promote your art, which is what SAY is offering to young artists through classes, workshops and activities.  San Antonio, Texas, is a well known epicenter of Day of the Dead art heritage in the United States, and it is organizations like SAY that will help to ensure this art tradition lives on.

Please, support the arts by buying a t-shirt.

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