Who Wants One?

We are now another week closer to Day of the Dead 2012.  The excitement is mounting and preparations are definitely in full swing.  This week we caught up with Misty Benson of Morbidly Adorable as she shared some wonderfully personal and insightful thoughts on Day of the Dead.  We also took a look at a tattoo and got a surprise comment from the owner in our Tat Tues section.  Our continuing list of events featured a local event from Milwaukee that really embodies the spirit of this tradition.  And of course there was this week’s awesome addition to our Dead Deco store.

And on a personal note, our new Dead Deco business cards came in the mail this week.  Who want’s one?

Dead Deco biz cards

And finally, we get to our weekly art critique.  It seems nobody seems has any opinions on the questions we have posted thus far.  It must mean we are not yet asking the right questions.  Therefore, this week’s question cuts more closely to the quick:

Is art discussion and critique dead?

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