Tat Tues featuring a chihuahua

Day of the Dead ChihuahuaLast week we shared the inaugural Tat Tues posting, which represents a new expansion of Dead Deco content into the realm of permanent body art.  Our main reason for beginning an exploration of this subject is that most people today seem more willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a tattoo than on an original painting or illustration.  Therefore, it is our belief that tattoo art should be included in our overall discussion of the world of Muerte Art and Calavera Culture.

This week, we want to talk about the tattoo shown on the left that was created by David Bruehl of RedLetter1 Tattoo from Tampa,  Florida.  The first question this tattoo brings up is with regard to its inclusion of a Day of the Dead theme.  Is this an homage to a deceased pet or simply a representation of the owner’s interests?  Is it a mockery of the tradition or an evolution of the Calavera?

Criticizing tattoos is always a difficult task because they are typically representative of a collaboration (artist & owner); therefore, not indicative of one person’s expression.  The technical aspects that would be attributed to the artist here are great.  The quality of this tattoo appears to be high, which is a credit to David’s craftsmanship.  The color palette, placement and perspective are all very well chosen and executed, which leaves us simply with questions regarding the content.  What do you think? 


  1. Hello, this is my tattoo. It is in fact a homage to a deceased pet of mine. I certainly hope it isn’t considered a mockery of anything. The art, the experience and the pet really mean a lot to me.

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