Less than 50

We have arrived at the end of another glorious week here at Dead Deco, and our excitement is mounting as we enter the last 50 days to Day of the Dead 2012.  This week we had the chance to interview Chris Parks in our 5Qs segment.  We also launched a new segment here on Dead Deco entitled Tat Tues in which we plan to explore the world of Day of the Dead tattoo art every Tuesday.  This week also featured the first [of many to come] party announcement for one of the great events coming up this Day of the Dead season at Forever Hollywood Cemetery in Los Angeles, Calif.  We are disappointed that we will not be able to make it there this year, but Dead Deco friend and correspondent Alec Fredericks has promised us some great photos that we will be sharing with you afterwards.  If you want to share photos, stories or video from your favorite Day of the Dead event this year, feel free to contact us at Dead.Deco@gmail.com for submission guidelines, and we will be happy to share them with the rest of our community.
Now, last Friday we asked the question whether our readers believed that Muerte Art and Calavera Culture could produce intellectual expression or are we simply participating in another evolution of the Lowbrow Art movement?  Do to the lack of responses, we though perhaps the question was too vague.  This week, let’s clarify this question by dealing in specifics:

Is Jose Guadalupe Posada‘s work featuring “La Calavera Catrina” intellectual expression or decorative art? 

We welcome your comments.

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