The Permanent Calavera Catrina

La Calavera Catrina tattooIn yesterday’s 5Qs interview with Chris Parks, he mentioned that his first introduction to Day of the Dead‘s artistic style was through tattoo art.  Regardless of your individual sentiments on the subject, it can not be denied that tattoo art has become the most commonly purchased high-priced art in current American culture.  Threaded throughout the tattoo art world is La CalaveraCatrina (like the one shown to the left), sugar skulls and other clearly recognized images from the Day of the Dead tradition.  It actually represents a significant part of the modern art world, and we at Dead Deco would be remiss if we did not include this art genre in our continual exploration of Muerte Art and Calavera Culture.  For this reason, we have decided to launch “Tat Tues”.  Starting next Tuesday, we will weekly examine the association between tattoos and the Day of the Dead tradition.  We’ll even try to rustle-up some free flash art for those in the market for new ink.

If you would like to participate in this discussion or in the contribution of flash for this segment, you can always leave a comment on any post or email us directly here at

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