Tuning the Instrument, part 1

We have reached the end of our first week back in action, and it has been a good one.  First, we shook the cobwebs off by introducing Ritxi Ostáriz‘s   ¡Viva Calaca! and ¡Viva Calaca!part 2.  Then we unveiled a stunning and playful new design from the Dead Deco workshop, for T-shirt Thursday, entitled Costumed Calavera.

As the weekend is soon to be upon us here at Dead Deco, we want to share a little insight with our readers and gather your opinions.  This week, Dead Deco has been in extensive discussions regarding expansion and the future of our blog.  We realize many of you may wonder if there really is need for a daily blog dedicated to the Day of the Dead holiday.  It is for this reason that we wish to add a little focus and clarity on the subject (e.g. tune our instrument).

While DeadDeco.com was originally conceptualized as an information hub, we have gained valuable yet unexpected insight.  We have discovered another categorical need while we have been addressing this desire for Day of the Dead information.  There is a need for better art criticism of Muerte Art and Calavera CultureLowbrow art has risen to such profound popularity in recent years that it has caused intellectual art to be villianized.  The very concept of art has been rattled by artists seeking to expand it, but these same artists have inadvertently brought down the art house of cards and replaced it with commercialism.  There is no longer a balance in the art world; equal place for intellectual and commercial.  The value of art is no longer measured by its technique and discourse; instead, good is that which sells and bad is everything else.  Dead Deco believes artists are documentarians of our time and the social critiques of our cultures.  If this is true, then we must differentiate between true intellectual expression and everything else.

Can Muerte Art and Calavera Culture generate intellectual expression and social commentating artwork? 

Please share your thoughts on this subject in our comments section.  Next Friday, we will continue this discussion.


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