5Qs with Ritxi Ostáriz

Ritxi OstarizWelcome back to another edition of 5Qs This is the interview series where artists share their personal views and experiences related to Day of the Dead.  Today, we are proud to present Ritxi Ostáriz.  You may recognize his name from the videos we have been featuring here on Dead Deco for the past two days.  Ritxi is a designerin the Madrid office of the prestigious international brand consultancy firm Saffron Brand Consultants, has directed his own studio for more than five years.

Dead Deco: Thank you for joining us Ritxi.  First, we would like to applaud ¡Viva Calaca! and ¡Viva Calaca!part 2.  They were truly wonderful both in their animation and music selection.  How did you first learn about the Day of the Dead?

Ritxi Ostáriz: I cannot remember it at all.  It seems as [if] it [has] been inside me for all my life.

DD: What is your favorite Day of the Dead tradition?

RO: I love how the Mexicans honour the Dead with colors and [joy], instead of the rest of the world, being so dark, sad and mourning.

DD:  How does your community respond to Day of the Dead?

RO: I am from Spain, where, unfortunately, people are not interested at all in the traditional Day of the Dead. However, the anglosaxon Halloween celebration is more extended. This is a big pity for me, and it was one of the main reasons that made me start the creation of ¡Viva Calaca! pieces; they are my humble tribute to a tradition that is sadly ignored in my community.

DD: Do you have a particular Day of the Dead artist whose work you admire?

RO: Not at all; sorry.

DD: Is there anything else about Day of the Dead that you would like to share?

RO: My only wish is that I have the opportunity to [celebrate] the Day of the Dead in person some day.

DD: I am sure many of our readers share your interest in joining a live celebration some day.  Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing information about different events happening around the world and how anyone can join them or how to simply start your own celebration in your community.  Thank you for your time and please let us know if you release a third chapter to ¡Viva Calaca!

For those interested in viewing more of Ritxi‘s work, please visit his portfolio at http://www.ritxiostariz.com.  And if you are interested in learning more about the ¡Viva Calaca! videos, you can find more information at facebook.com/vivacalaca.

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