“Black Calavera” Blog Gives Unique Perspective

Black Calavera from SkullProject.wordpress blogHere at Dead Deco, we are constantly on the look-out for other ‘Day of the Dead’ oriented blogs and information centers that are helping to spread the word and document this cultural interest.  Recently, we came across the writings of Black Calavera on the Skull Project blog at WordPress.  This unique voice in the ever-growing lineage of ‘Day of the Dead’ documentarians has decided to create a blog that has the structure and guidance of a research project.  What is most interesting about the Skull Project blog is how diverse a collection of art, products and stories Black Calavera has gathered.  There is definitely many interesting posts to check out there.  You can visit the Skull Project blog at http://skullsproject.wordpress.com/ and see what unique perspective on art and culture Black Calavera is contributing to this tradition.  If you come across a blog you think we should highlight here on Dead Deco, drop us a note in the comments section or send us an email at DeadDeco@gmail.com

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